Techniques and Experiments
for Organic Chemistry: Sixth Edition

Addison Ault
Cornell College

"An excellent text..."

" Those familiar with previous editions of Addison Ault's book will be pleased to see that the sixth edition is still an excellent text for the introductory organic chemistry laboratory...Ault's book is full of experiments that use "interesting" compounds, compounds with which students are likely to be familiar.  Those new to Ault's text will find a well written laboratory manual that clearly reflects that author's years of experience.  It is thorough, describing all the common lab techniques in Part 1 and giving concise, well-written directions for experiments in Part 2.  The experiments provide an excellent representation of all the important reactions in a typical course. In fact, for most types of reactions there are several experiments from which to choose. Most experiments are written at the few- to several-gram scale, so that waste is minimized, but the esthetics of organic chemistry is maintained... Ault's book is an excellent text."
--Journal of Chemical Education

"Ault's text merits careful consideration by organic chemistry laboratory instructors."
--Science Books & Films

"I found this book to be very informative...It contains scores of practical hints, tips, and pieces of information, which contribute to much time being saved in the laboratory.
--The Chemical Educator

Like its previous five editions, this book is ideally suited for use in a sophomore-level laboratory course in organic chemistry.

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