Informational Biopolymers of Genes and Gene Expression

R.D. Blake
University of Maine

"Written in a detailed but very accessible way, Blake's book plays down the use of equations and formalisms so they don't get in the way of the narrative flow of ideas and concepts.  The comprehensive array of topics makes it very attractive as both a reference text and a textbook for Physical Biochemistry or Molecular Biology courses.  It fills a real unmet need by looking at a whole range of fashionable molecular biology topics with a rigor that has never before been applied to these topics in one volume.--- Ken Marx, University of Massachusetts

"I am blown away by this book: its scope, its level of detail, its up-to-date coverage.  It will be a valuable source to have on one's shelf to refer to a concise discussion of a topic, with lots of references to the pertinent literature." --- Victor Bloomfield, University of Minnesota

"Without doubt, this book will make a useful reference text for the expert and should provide a good text for teaching graduate students." ---Philip C. Bevilacqua, University of Pennsylvania

Full of novel insights informed by years of research and teaching, R.D. Blake has written a new text that examines the biophysics and biochemistry of nucleic acids and proteins. This book carves out the dynamic interface between chemistry and molecular biology, and provides a detailed picture of nucleic acids and proteins, their structures, biological properties, and origins and evolution. While pitched at a level that is accessible to upper-level undergraduate students of biology, the book will likewise be of keen interest to researchers and graduate students in biology, chemistry and the physical sciences. A broad range of topics accompanied with extensive references, footnotes, boxed asides, chapter ending problems, and detailed illustrations throughout combine to make this an ideal choice for courses on advanced biochemistry, physical biochemistry, nucleic acids and proteins, biophysics and biochemistry, molecular evolution, and protein-nucleic acid interactions.

The Author:
R.D. Blake received his BS in biology and chemistry at Tufts College, and Ph.D in biochemistry from Princeton University. After a year of postdoctoral research at Princeton with Professor J.R. Fresco, he continued as a member of the research staff for five years, following which he joined the Biochemistry Department at the University of Maine. He has published papers on the thermodynamics of DNA, DNA denaturation, the effects of solvents and denaturants on DNA stability, macrosatellite evolution, and the effects of neutral drift on DNA sequence complexity. 

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