Physical Chemistry
for the Chemical and Biological Sciences

Raymond Chang
Williams College

"an excellent choice..."

"I have found Ray Chang's P Chem book to be the ideal textbook for  students from the life sciences. Whereas so many other textbooks seem to be written for the instructor, this text works well with students who have traditionally struggled with this course."
 --George Bodner, Purdue University

"I adopted the P Chem text by Raymond Chang here at McGill two years ago, for a course populated with ~180 biochemistry and biology students, many of them 'pre-med.'  I had formerly used a well-known text by a different author, but I (and the students) found it a little short on good explanations, and there were many errors in the end-of-chapter problems and answers. I am very pleased with how the Chang text approaches thermodynamics, especially applications, such as in the chapter on macromolecules. Similarly, I very much appreciate the biological emphasis in this text, and especially the relevance of the problems. Overall, I consider this to be an excellent text."
--Christopher J. Barrett, McGill University

"This book offers an alternative approach to physical chemistry that is particularly well suited for those who want to pursue a course of study more focused on the biological sciences."
--Journal of Chemical Education

"A distinct and excellent publication worth recommending to biological chemists...I have learnt something new about biology, [the book] is very refreshing in its aims and clarity."
--The Times Higher

Hailed by advance reviewers as "a kinder, gentler P. Chem. text," this book meets the needs of a full-year course in physical chemistry. It is an ideal choice for classes geared toward pre-medical and life sciences students. Or, as stated in a May 2001 review in Journal of Chemical Education, "this text meets these students where they are and opens the door to physical chemistry from a perspective they can appreciate."  Physical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biological Sciences offers a wealth of applications to chemical and biological problems, numerous chapter-ending exercises, and an accompanying solutions manual. Well known for his clear writing and careful pedagogical approach, Raymond Chang has developed yet another masterpiece in chemical education.

Key Features:

A detailed Student Solutions Manual and art for adopting professors is available.

About the Author
Raymond Chang was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Shanghai and Hong Kong, China.  He received his B.Sc. degree in chemistry from London University, England and his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Yale University.  After doing postdoctoral research at Washington University and teaching for a year at Hunter College of the City University of New York, he joined the chemistry department at Williams College.  Chang has served on the American Chemical Society Examination Committee  and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Committee.  He is an editor of  The Chemical Educator and has authored books on general chemistry and spectroscopy.   

Translated into Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish & Portugese

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