Germ Stories

Arthur Kornberg

"Witty and Charming"

"A delight to child and adult."

"Humorous yet informative."

"The Publisher does not guarantee Nobels for all of the children to whom this book is read, but about one in three of them should make it."
 -J. Chem. Ed.

"The poetic gem titled Germ Stories is Nobel prize-winning Arthur Kornberg's last book, and it is a fanciful delight."

"A must for anyone, child or adult, with an interest in microbes."

Over the years, Nobel laureate Arthur Kornberg  regaled his children and grandchildren with rhyming tales of the tiny beasties in the germ parade.  Arthur's poems and stories are now available for all in this beautifully rendered children's picture book.  Germ Stories will bring the microscopic world to life for the very youngest readers and grown ups alike with its richly imaginative narrations and its vividly rendered art and color photos.

About the Author:  Arthur Kornberg won  the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1959 for his laboratory synthesis of DNA, and is a recipient of the National Medal of Science.  He is the author of a number of major books, including DNA Replication, second edition (University Science Books, paper edition 2005), The Golden Helix (University Science Books) and For the Love of Enzymes: the Odyssey of a Biochemist (Harvard University Press, 1989).  He was Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at the Stanford University School of Medicine until his death in October of 2007.

Translated into Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

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