The Search for Life in the Universe
Third Edition

Donald Goldsmith, Interstellar Media
Tobias Owen, University of Hawaii

"Teachers and students everywhere of wildly popular courses on life in the universe should rejoice to see this update of the classic textbook by Don Goldsmith and Toby Owen."
--Frank Shu, University of California at Berkeley

"Quite possibly the best astrobiology text available...[it is] clear, interesting and captivating. I highly recommend The Search for Life in the Universe to anyone with a serious interest in astrobiology."
--International Journal of Astrobiology

"This textbook by Goldsmith and Owen will take you on a fascinating journey."
-- Jill Tarter, SETI Institute

"Certainly this text will increase the wonder and delight which all of us find in the search for life in the universe."
--Frank Drake, from the Foreword to the Second Edition

"I teach astronomy with a search-for-life curriculum because that approach, which emphasizes the connections among astronomy, geology, biology, and planetary science, engages students much more effectively than the standard "tour-the-universe" class does. Goldsmith and Owen's new edition of The Search for Life thoroughly updates an already excellent text, making it the ideal book for this course."
--Dana Backman, Franklin & Marshall College

"When these authors came out with their first edition in 1980, I adopted it happily and have used it ever since. The third edition is very welcome in a field that is developing very rapidly.  I am especially pleased with the new  illustrations by Jon Lomberg, which help students gain perspective on difficult concepts."
--Bob Garrison, University of Toronto

"The third edition of The Search for Life in the Universe by Goldsmith and Owen is a welcome and timely update of what has become a classic text. Its accessible yet thorough presentation makes this book an easy choice."
--Karen B. Kwitter, Williams College

"The Search for Life in the Universe is a worthy successor to Shklovskii and Sagan's wonderful work of 35 years ago, updating both the astronomical and the biological aspects of the subject that has recently come to be called astrobiology.  Supplemented by some reading in a more traditional introductory book, I use The Search for Life in the Universe as the principal text in an introductory course on the solar system."
--William Irvine, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"This newly revised edition, replete with much current and updated information, weaves together with wit and enthusiasm, the diverse and fascinating cosmological, astronomical, physical, chemical, biological, sociological and philosophical concerns underlying the great query: is there life in the universe?"  
--Alan M. Rosan, Drew University

"Adopting the text of Goldsmith and Owen for the ET Life class at Sonoma State University was an intellectual evolutionary step -- out of popular speculation and into a rigorous and enjoyable astrobiology education."
--Scott Funkhouser, UC Berkeley, Sonoma State University

Long recognized as the "Gold Standard" text for astrobiology courses, The Search for Life in the Universe now appears in a completely revised and updated Third Edition.  This book engages students in astronomy  by presenting a great, unsolved mystery: How likely is life beyond earth, and how can we find it if it exists?  The text covers the fundamentals of astronomy and astrophysics, including the discovery of more than 55 planets around other stars, and also provides an overview of biology, geology, evolution, and the possibilities of interstellar travel and communication.  Written for readers with no background in mathematics, the book includes 24 color insert pages and brilliantly rendered illustrations by Jon Lomberg.

About the Authors:  
Donald Goldsmith was the science editor and co-writer of the PBS television series The Astronomers and the co-writer of NOVA's Is Anybody Out There? with Lily Tomlin.   He has written and edited 15 books on astronomy, including The Runaway Universe, Worlds Unnumbered, Supernova!, and The Hunt for Life on Mars.  Donald Goldsmith received his Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of California, Berkeley, and has taught astronomy courses there and at other institutions, including Stanford University, Cornell University, and the University of California at Santa Cruz.  He has received the lifetime achievement award in popularizing astronomy from the American Astronomical Society, the science writing award from the American Institute of Physics, and the Dorothea Klumpke-Roberts award for increasing public awareness of astronomy from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Tobias Owen ranks among the world's leading experts on the solar system.  He was awarded the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement for his work on the Martian atmosphere with the Viking Landers in 1976 and led the group of Voyager scientists who discovered the rings of Jupiter in 1979.   He is currently a member of  scientific teams on the Galileo, Nozomi, CONTOUR, DS-1 and Cassini-Huygens missions.  With David Morrison, he co-authored a college text, The Planetary System, and has written over 250 scientific and popular articles.  He is professor of astronomy at the University of Hawaii where he studies planets, satellites, and comets with the giant telescopes on Mauna Kea.

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