The Golden Helix

Inside Biotech Ventures

Arthur Kornberg
Stanford University School of Medicine

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"Kornberg's views on the wellsprings of scientific knowledge are embedded in a smartly written work that will reward readers in academe and industry."

"Anyone fascinated with modern science, particularly biotechnology, will appreciate this book."

"A fascinating adventure into the interworkings of the emerging biotechnology industry and its complex relationship to academic scientists."
--Leroy Hood, Univ. of Washington

"An engaging and well-written story."
--Paul Schimmel, MIT

"A fascinating book for anyone who loves science."
--Hugh D'Andrade

This candid narrative by Nobel laureate, Arthur Kornberg, chronicles the saga of a small biotech start-up, the key players, the painstaking development of the perfect product, and the forces affecting its resulting success or failure. Kornberg's razor-sharp wit and provocative opinions make this book a compelling page turner, whether he is decrying the current fashion in scientific funding or delving into the hotly contested PCR patent trial.

About the Author:
Arthur Kornberg shared (with Severo Ochoa) the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1959 for his laboratory synthesis of DNA.  He is
the author of several major books, including DNA Replication, second edition (W.H. Freeman and Company, 1991) and a scientific autobiography, For the Love of Enzymes: the Odyssey of a Biochemist (Harvard University Press, 1989). He is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Translated into Chinese and Japanese.

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