Problems and Solutions to accompany 
Chang and Thoman's
Physical Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences

Helen O. Leung
Amherst College

Mark D. Marshall
Amherst College

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Nothing can better help students understand difficult concepts than working through and solving problems.  By providing a strong pedagogical framework for self study, this Solutions Manual will give students fresh insights into concepts and principles that may elude them in the lecture hall.  It features detailed solutions to each of the even-numbered problems from Raymond Chang and Jay Thoman’s Physical Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences.  The authors approach each solution with the same conversational style that they use in their classrooms, as they teach students problem solving techniques rather than simply handing out answers.  Illustrative figures and diagrams are used throughout.

About the authors:

Mark D. Marshall and Helen O. Leung, shown at right in their microwave spectroscopy lab, are faculty members in the chemistry department at Amherst College. They have over 50 years of combined experience teaching physical chemistry to undergraduates, and maintain active research programs in high resolution molecular spectroscopy of weakly bound species and reactant complexes. They are both recent recipients of the Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award and both received the John F. Burlew Award of the Connecticut Valley Section of the American Chemical Society for outstanding contributions to chemistry in their formative years.  According to their students, they bring “infectious enthusiasm and encouragement” to the classroom and “make you think about the big picture.”  They are authors on more than 60 scientific papers, and this is their fifth book.  Staff photo courtesy of Rob Mattson/Amherst College.

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