Problems and Solutions
for McQuarrie's
Quantum Chemistry, Second Edition

Helen O. Leung
Mark D. Marshall
Amherst College

This Solutions Manual accompanies the second edition of Donald McQuarrie’s Quantum Chemistry.  It contains each of the more than 700 problems in the text, followed by a detailed solution.  Written by chemistry faculty members Helen O. Leung and Mark D. Marshall, both of Amherst College, in conjunction with Prof. McQuarrie, each solution combines the clarity the authors use in teaching the same material in their own classrooms with the rigor appropriate to learning and appreciating an introduction to quantum chemistry.  Both Helen Leung and Mark Marshall are recipients of the Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.  They bring to the manual the insight gained from years of using quantum mechanics as spectroscopists with active research programs along with strong, effective pedagogy.

About the authors:

Mark D. Marshall and Helen O. Leung are faculty members in the chemistry department at Amherst College with over 30 years of combined experience teaching physical chemistry to undergraduates.  They maintain active research programs in high resolution molecular spectroscopy of weakly bound species and reactant complexes and have appeared as authors on 50 scientific papers.  They are both recent recipients of the Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award and both received the John F. Burlew Award of the Connecticut Valley Section of the American Chemical Society for outstanding contributions to chemistry in their formative years.  According to their students, they bring “infectious enthusiasm and encouragement” to the classroom and “make you think about the big picture.”  

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