Molecular Mechanics across Chemistry

Anthony K. Rappé, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Carla J. Casewit, Calleo Scientific

"incredibly complete coverage..."

"This book is warmly recommended!"
--Journal of the American Chemical Society

"The incredibly complete coverage of methods in this book make it a valuable source of bibliographic references in modeling techniques for solving various problems as well as a fine textbook."
--Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences

"This is an excellent book, providing what it says in the title, and is suitable for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates who are interested in the broader aspects of molecular mechanics."
--Chemistry in Britain

The remarkable breadth of modern molecular mechanics is covered in this textbook developed for an undergraduate or first-time course on molecular mechanics. The book uses a case-study approach designed to give readers exposure to the relevance and utility of molecular mechanics as well as the opportunity to study a particular problem and its solution in depth.

"Real-world examples make this book a uniquely useful introduction to the field of molecular modeling."
--Dr. Graham M. Smith, Merck Research Laboratories

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