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Cytochrome c

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Edited by
Robert A. Scott, University of Georgia, Athens

A. Grant Mauk, University of British Columbia

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"...a valuable addition to the cytochrome literature."
---Dr. G.R. Moore, Univ. of East Anglia

"For any and all students of the science of cytochrome c, this is an indispensable text."
--SIM News

As one of the most heavily researched proteins in existence, cytochrome c has proven itself irresistible to chemists and biophysicists for decades. Ideally suited as a model protein for experimental analysis, there is virtually no relevant technique or method to which it has not been subjected. This volume serves as a sourcebook to update the vast body of literature compiled on this protein over the last 40 years. Chapters from an internationally renowned group of experts provide extensive coverage of structural studies, spectroscopic properties, thermodynamic properties, electron transfer kinetics, and protein modification.

ISBN 978-0-935702-33-0, 1996, 728 pages, Casebound
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