Organic Chemistry
Second Edition

Thomas N. Sorrell
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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"an exceptional text..."

"Sorrell writes well, and has a knack for lucid explanations. He uses excellent examples and well designed exercises to make his points. The sections integrating chapter topics with biochemical examples are the best that I have seen. My students have found his book a pleasure to read."
--Douglas Dyckes, University of Colorado, Denver

"Student response to the first edition of Sorrell's Organic Chemistry has been overwhelmingly positive.  I expect response to the streamlined second edition to be even better."

--René Boeré, The University of Lethbridge

"The Second Edition of Sorrell's Organic Chemistry is working well for our course on organic chemistry with a biological emphasis.  It is a great combination of rigor and easy reading."

--Martin Semmelhack, Princeton University

"Sorrell's Organic Chemistry is a breath of fresh air.  It is a truly distinctive approach to the discipline that emphasizes the mechanistic similarities of processes rather than presenting them in the standard functional group approach."
--Peter Dibble

"This new edition of Sorrell's Organic Chemistry is a great contribution
to those interested in teaching organic with an eye toward biochemistry.
Students very much appreciated the clarity of the writing and pertinent
biological examples."
--Josh Rabinowitz, Princeton University

From Reviews of the First Edition

"Sorrell has managed to integrate an enormous amount of biological material into the text and do it in a way that successfully shows the relationship between simple organic reactions and complex biological processes."
  --Journal of Chemical Education

"The easy reading style and excellent examples related to biology will engage my pre-med and biology majors."
--Professor Andrew French, Albion College

The Second Edition of Organic Chemistry maintains all the innovative features of the first edition in a sleeker, slimmer, and easier-to-navigate design.  Hailed by J Chem Ed as “the new wave” in organic textbooks, this book’s mechanistic approach constructs organic chemistry from the ground up.  By focusing on the points of reactivities in organic, this text allows students to approach more and more complex molecules with enhanced understanding.  Also noteworthy are the biochemical examples for their variety, substance, and depth.  Despite its unique emphasis on reactivity, the book facilitates easy adoption by covering organic compound classes in the traditional order.  Hundreds of worked examples and student exercises combine with clear writing and sound pedagogy to make this text an exceptional choice.  

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About the Author
Thomas Sorrell received a BA in chemistry from New College (Sarasota, FL) 1973 and a PhD in organic chemistry from Stanford University in 1977.  He subsequently joined the faculty at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he has taught and conducted research in organic and bioinorganic chemistry.  Sorrell has been named an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, and he has authored two textbooks in addition to several dozen research papers. Sorrell enjoys playing violin with the UNC Symphony Orchestra, and he is an avid watercolor painter.  His landscape “White Rim, Green River” was accepted for display in an “Arts for the Parks” exhibition, an acclaimed international art competition aimed at raising awareness for the National Parks in the U.S.

Translated into Japanese.



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