Student Solutions Manual
to accompany
ern Physical Organic Chemistry

Michael B. Sponsler

Eric V. Anslyn
The University of Texas, Austin

Dennis A. Dougherty
California Institute of Technology

This Student Solutions Manual, which provides complete solutions to all of the nearly 600 exercises in the accompanying textbook, will encourage students to work the exercises, enhancing their mastery of physical organic chemistry. When used properly by students to compare their solutions with the detailed solutions provided in the manual, it will serve as an excellent tool for sharpening skills and encouraging a deeper understanding of the concepts that are covered.  Like the accompanying text by Anslyn and Dougherty, this manual also includes Going Deeper highlights on selected topics, where students can explore exceptions to the rule, discover surprising connections between topics, and gain insights into practical aspects of the material.  Problem-solving strategies will be enhanced by students' coordinated use of the textbook and this manual.

The Authors
Michael B. Sponsler earned his PhD from the California Institute of Technology in 1987, working as an NSF Graduate Fellow with Dennis A. Dougherty.  He did research as an NIH Post-doctoral Fellow with Robert G. Bergman at the University of California, Berkeley and then accepted a faculty position at Syracuse University in 1989, where he is now Associate Professor.  His research involves physical organic studies in the diverse areas of conjugated organometallic complexes and liquid crystalline holographic recording materials.  The organometallic studies include synthesis and characterization of both mixed-valence complexes with polyenediyl bridges and related polymers.  Applications in molecular electronics and nanotechnology are under investigation.  The holographic studies are focused on new strategies for producing electrically switchable holograms.

Bios for Eric V. Anslyn and Dennis A. Dougherty can be found by linking to the page for their textbook,  Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

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