Inorganic Chemistry

Gary Wulfsberg
Middle Tennessee State University

Proud Sponsor of the 46th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

"An attractive feature is the extent to which the author relates inorganic chemistry to other areas....Wulfsberg offers an original and engaging perspective on inorganic chemistry."
--Journal of Chemical Education

"Wulfsberg's text introduces the key concepts of inorganic chemistry in the way that most students want to see them (and that they were developed) -- as empirical observations. Once the observations are mastered, the text moves to a discussion of the theoretical model (or models) consistent with the observations. Bioinorganic and environmental applications of inorganic chemistry are brought in at the point that they are appropriate. This is a stimulating text, and one that warrants serious consideration for adoption.
--James Penner-Hahn, University of Michigan

"Wulfsberg has written an extraordinary book that successfully combines two concepts into one. The early part of the book is a useful review of inorganic principles, while the latter part serves as a stand-alone advanced inorganic chemistry textbook. This text is user friendly for student and instructor alike, which I will seriously consider for adoption."
--Roger DeKock, Calvin College

Wulfsberg's new Inorganic Chemistry is ideal for use as the primary textbook in the junior-, senior- and introductory graduate-level sequence of inorganic chemistry courses. With a clear descriptive approach that seamlessly integrates bioinorganic, environmental, geological, and medicinal material into each chapter, there is much to like about this contemporary text. Also refreshing is an empirical approach to problems in which the text emphasizes observations before moving on to theoretical models. Because Part I of the book explains chemical concepts and reactions using Valence Bond theory, it may be used by students who have not had physical chemistry; thus Part I of the book is also recommended for use in a one-semester introductory course. Part II covers all traditional topics of an advanced inorganic course for chemistry majors including symmetry, molecular orbital theory, transition metal chemistry, organometallic chemistry, inorganic materials and mechanisms, and bioinorganic chemistry.  

Worked examples and solutions in each chapter combine with chapter-ending study objectives, 40-70 exercises per chapter, and experiments for discovery-based learning to make this, in the words of one reviewer, "an outstanding new text." This remarkable book even appears as set dressing in Universal Pictures motion picture, The Incredible Hulk with Nick Nolte.


Translated into French.

Click this link to view a J CHEM ED article by the author titled What Are The "Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry"?  Two Answers, Aug. 12, 2012.

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